Current Projects

16 April, 2021

Current Projects Summary

The Town Council has successfully taken on the 8 former CCBC flower planters in the Town alongside its annual flower baskets project for this summer.  6 of these are located at the Pontymister roundabout grassed area of the town.   The Town Council has also added 2 new 4-tieer planters; one at the Pontymister roundabout grassed area and one in the Park near the toilet block

In April this year the Council had contributed £2000 to the Moriah Church’s toilet block charity towards their maintenance costs.  The Council is aware that the toilet block has now been reopened by the charity for the summer months

The Council are hopeful that its usual annual commitment and participation with Risca Royal British Legion and Risca East Community Council for the November Armistice events can be allowed to take place this November

The Council are currently planning its Christmas Festive Lanterns and Christmas Trees project for the winter

A new entertainments project is to be considered by the Town Council over 2022 to celebrate its tenth anniversary in April 2023



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